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I hate to agree with dipshitz 1 and 2 here but it's true that you would not be comfortable and a house full of young queers who have no idea what struggle is. Hang in there something will come along soon.
You could write your own Craigslist ad, see what happens next. I agree with the sentiments above -- that household sounds like a reality show in the making. Would love to have the hidden camera footage, though. Imagine the chore list!
@Forrest thank you I consider it an honor ;)
I am sorry you are in this fix. Ageism and low wages count for scrambling just to have a place to lay your head at night. By the way, thanks for your dedication and sacrifices.
IA - you should flag the Craigslist ad since they're not allowed to discriminate. Fair Housing Act. Fuck them - that's bullshit.
Political Activist your whole life?!?! hahahahaha. Talk about entitlement and dumb ass Millennial thinking.... Having a hard time finding a place to live in Portland.... No shit! What would piss me off if I was in your situation is Donald Trump is fucking President! Geez, talk about bad career move when 40 years later we might be living in the worst presidency of all time... well 2nd. Andrew Jackson was the worst... I think I read somewhere that Trumps favorite President is AJ.... makes sense. FYI - GEN X RULES! Stay introverted!
People 65 and older should retire and move to the burbs or a place like Walla Walla. To assume a vibrant city on the west coast should be accessible to the elderly is bogus. Cities are for the youthful spirit. Those who can wall up stairs that are not code compliant (home built in 1900's). You had your chance to own a home in Portland. Could have bought it for $50k in 1990. You missed the boat, now let the highly educated ones with college debt move in and raise families. Schools will improve with educated families moving in. Shit if I was your age with no real job, I'd move to Montana, Idaho, Nebraska... pretty much anywhere away from a coastal city. Enjoy the rest of your life drinking ice tea in a retirement community. You will need a job, but you've gotten by without one for this long... I'm sure you'll be fine.
I don't own the parking spot in front of my house? WTF! I should have lowered my bid.
Ageism is alive and well in Portland. Really? Shove everyone out of Portland because theyโ€™re not entitled and rude like you? It seems the biggest offense used to be being passive aggressive, now just add being old to the list. You guys, if you are lucky enough will get old too. I hope you grow beyond your judgemental, mean, and unnecessarily cruel ways.

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