I'm a proud cuck. Give me an angry dragon forest 😀
I just wanna chew that big leathery cock of yours.
The struggle is real, Back Down! Fuckin'punk. But let me remind you that acceptance does not constitute endorsement. The fuckin'punks are out there, trespassing on everyone's sensibilities without rue -- the choices you have in this matter are not savory. I think no less of you, no matter what you do. Call on the memory of John Keats. Ask for Negative Capability.
Hey r.a.y., racial slurs are NEVER appropriate I don’t care how clever and facetious you think you are.
You are so right, Forest. Calling r.a.y. out on his bigotry obviously got to him.
r. a. y. is gone. Perhaps people will feel a little safer posting here now. It seemed to be a big time game to crawl down the throats of those who wanted to vent a little. I just don't understand cruelty for cruelty's sake.

Forest, thanks for having my back. I am assuming you are a guy, if so, you are a prince.

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