Kalah Allen

Your Craigslist ad says something like, “We are four radical, queer, multi-cultural housemates, creating woke space, looking for a fifth; be open-minded, into diversity, and creating welcoming space for ALL! Must be 35 or younger.” How can you not see the glaring irony? Who do you think paved the way for your millennial ass to safely write that? This is the thanks you give us? I can’t afford to live alone because I’ve been a political activist my whole life. You’re welcome! You have a fuckload to learn from your elders about what it means to be “woke.” Hint: It’s not a fashion statement. It’s not about identifying as gender fluid. It’s not about dating a POC. It’s about how you treat EVERYONE. I get it—you don’t think class and age are “sexy.” Grow the fuck up, or at least stop calling yourself woke. A 62-year-old needs a place to live? Let’s see who’s open-minded now. Where’s an older person supposed to live in this town?—Anonymous