Kalah Allen

Fuck the fuck off with your scrawny-ass store on our street. We get that gentrification is already locked in, but it was hard enough as a community to lose the local businesses that used to be where you are—let alone to watch the vibrancy and architectural detail of that building disappear under a whitewash of charcoal spray paint for your basic shop. We’re aware our shit has “trended” and is a “destination,” and we’re actually more or less okay with that. What we don’t need is an out-of-town based business that doesn’t grok the neighborhood. Your target audience are the idiots who still lock their car doors when they come here for brunch demanding vegan and gluten-free options, and then call the cops on panhandlers of color. Maybe you should fuck off to a place that’s predominately privileged. I hear Lake Oswego is nice this time of presidency. You don’t look like you’re interested in the sort of clientele that relies on TriMet, anyway. —Anonymous