She said, "I really need a vacation. I've only been on one cruise this year."
Dude. What is that life even like?
Our boss used to tell me every year that I needed to take a week off for vacation. He didn't offer to pay for it though and I was barely making 600 a month. What am I going to do for seven days that's with the cost of missed work plus the expense "fun"?
Finally took a week with my parents to visit to some old hippy town in the redwoods. Stuffed me in the back like a twisted up lego brick. Just backpain, arguments, tofu pretending to be other kinds of food, more arguments, and frequent stops to give them a rest from driving. Definitely not enough weed. I should have tried to enjoy it more. I did a few shitty backflips off a boat. Read a book.
Ordering magazines for people without their knowledge or permission is not an honorable method revenge. What about making complicated and inconvenient food orders for an unrelated bystander who just gets free food, but everyone else knows what really happened? Is that okay? Random winner plus temporary calamity?
Guy left his kids in a truck. One of them released the brake. It rolled back into the big propane tank and started a leak. No one was hurt. The guy said some crap about "how do you punish them.." Doosh-bag. Parents dragged their feet in leaving and calling to report the incident.
The other vacation took a little over two years. Short. Compared to many others.