Portland has the WORST drivers I've ever come across. I'm from Oregon, but I've travelled quite a bit the drivers here are the dumbest I've ever seen. From tailgating to driving too slow, to stopping in the middle of traffic to look for an address, to simply being HORRIBLE people. Two new IDIOTIC trends I've noticed lately:

High beams: You MORONS are driving with your high beams on!!! I'm not talking about the extra bright LED lights on newer cars (though some of those morons do drive with high beams on), I'm talking about cars with HIGH BEAMS ON. Is it possible that Millennials have finally taken to the road and know little to nothing about how a car functions? Or is it just that people here are SO STUPID that they fail to realize their high beams are on?

Stopping at an intersection a car's length from the crosswalk: I'll pull up to a red light and see that the person in the other lane has stopped a car's length or more from the crosswalk. Why do this? Why leave a space that AN ENTIRE CAR can fit into while waiting for the green? Are you people really this STUPID? The white line on the crosswalk is there for a reason, pull up to it... no, don't cross it, just pull up to it and act like a civilized human being for once in your pathetic life!

These trends aren't one-off's.... there are countless people doing them. Just like there are countless people tailgating, or failing to use turn signals...etc. This is why I call them TRENDS and this is why Portland has the worst drivers in the fucking country.