There are times where I can always over think things however, today I don´t think that´s the case. I´m not really sure what to call this guy or what he meant to me I guess I can say he´s a former lover but we weren't actually a couple. Long story short this guy was an ass but it took me a long time to kick him to the curb and once I did he begged me back but I ignored him and blocked him for a week on social media. Well three months later which is today I get a friend request from this same guy. Great...... I´m not the type to hold a grudge on others no matter what they have done to me, but was it o.k. to chat with this guy again? There was no way I was ever going to consider being a thing with him again not now and not ever. Many thoughts come through my head considering of letting him in again or letting him think that hes in. I don´t what to talk to him but my curious self wants to see what happens if i do. Was that taking a risk? or a stupid decision on my part? Well whatever it was I have to make a decision whether to accept or ignore.