Okay, there's always a nosy neighbor. Yup, super annoying, and in your business, looking through blinds, over fences, and staring out windows at me while I mow my lawn, etc.

Then the strangers. Like this one dude, among hundreds in one day, talking loudly and making big gangster motions down the street. Not so much threatening, but aggressive in asking questions to everyone around him. Like, "what's you name? You got a traditional name, huh? You got any kids." I mean, that doesn't sound bad like that, but just imagine someone doing that forcefully. Like, I mean, have a point. What's your purpose? What are you getting at? Otherwise, you're just someone looking for attention, and is nothing but a distraction to me.
Sometimes, I'll be a social mood, and say "Hello, or How's it going?" to someone, and get a smug, or dismissive reaction which then reminds me why I usually don't talk to anyone unless I have to. I don't have time for negative vibe and unfriendly emotions. Or, I remember walking into a restaurant I've never been, and asked a basic question of something like, "is this similar to that one place on blah, blah, and blah?' And the response was, "I have no idea, or I wouldn't know," very arrogantly. My response was "sorry to ask, but maybe next time, if you were curious, you could learn, so you could carry a conversation." This is why I don't both to talk to anyone.
I have to come home to my neighbors, and I can get away from strangers, but why I must I have to see them to begin with?