Why isn't there a Motherhood.gov website like there is that Fatherhood.gov one? Is the government saying that all mothers are perfect so there is no need for taxpayer funded program to teach them how to feed their kids? If not, then why is there no website for mothers like there is for fathers?

My mother was a horrible person. She abused us psychologically, emotionally and physically. I hated her and didn't speak a word to her the last ten years of her life. So, a taxpayer funded website to teach her a few things about being a good mom might have come in handy... but no.

We'll make fun of fathers on TV as the clueless buffoon who doesn't know how to feed his kids or do a simple load of laundry. He's a stumbling, bumbling idiot who would set the house on fire if not for the mom who always comes homes to save the day.

We won't give any credit to the good dads out there, the ones who sacrifice everything for their children without ever expecting anyone to praise them like mothers get praised. "It must be so hard being a mom, you should be very proud of yourself."

And really, isn't it really about the children? So, shouldn't those kids out there who have terrible, abusive moms also have a taxpayer funded Motherhood.gov website? Or, will we let them fall through the cracks simply because our society is too afraid to say that some mothers are horrible people?

"Sorry kid for your terrible mother who abuses you on a daily basis, but we can't dare imply that any mother is bad... you'll just have to deal with it yourself!"