The egos amongst these newbies who just moved to Portland is dangerous. There's no humility or respect. It's the attitude of, "I moved here from somewhere else, this city is booming and super cool, and that's who I am, so you can't tell me no different, and I have every right to do whatever I want because now I'm the total shit badass for moving away from home, and living in this "weird" city." It's just more and more of these "hipster" pretentious attitudes everywhere, especially if it's a bar or restaurant that caters to that kind of character and crowd, which I typically never go into, unless I'm desperate for a drink. Otherwise, any bar on 82nd is where I belong, as well as my local haunts and neighboring saloons. And it's something I don't want to be a part of. I don't want anything to do with that superficial "be seen, be intellectual" attitude. It's like this bubble made up of artificial heart and soul attached to a lot of new folks moving here, that aren't really moving here for the real deal experience. It's like everyone wanting to a part of Andy Warhol's seen, and maybe doing whatever it takes to be there. I also blame phones and social media for this ego. But I blame a lot of things on those things.