Told ya, many times in many ways for almost fifty years and now it’s way too late and guess what, don’t be thinking’ the younger ones are gonna do any better, the fifty-somethings are totally owned by the banks, the forty somethings are desperately hustling and selling out to anyone, the thirty-somethings have totally been absorbed by corporate culture - yeah, try listening to a gaggle of them attempt to speak or write in terms in any way connected with reality, the twenty-somethings are too splintered and self-absorbed and otherwise consumed by social media to have any contextual knowledge of the real world. The latter categories are moreover loaded with an insufferable air of self-righteous pretense as if only they, just now, discovered all the ills of this culture and are certain they know better - hah and hah. All of them are variably and variously too distracted by one minor concern or another -which is of course of earth-shaking importance for the moment- to have any coherent, sustained impact on their political / economic future in positive terms all of which does not bode well for the near and far future of not just americans, but also for all the world. All manipulated and distracted by the clever -but stupid, wealthy and insatiably greedy, making exactly the same mistakes as the majority of my peers. It is not going to get any better for the average person period, end of story ‘cause the overwhelming majority just do not and will not ever understand and act on those things which are genuinely, substantively important. A nation of fekkin’ morons now led by the epitome of the type. Perfect.