I just wanted to let you know what a vile POS you are. I was in yoga, trying to get chill, and you broke out a window to steal my backpack. 1st- it wasn't my car.. borrowed it as i just sold mine because i am moving. So, no insurance for that. 2nd..no insurance for my stuff either as i am staying with same friend and gave up my renters insurance. Now i am paying for a computer i dont have. 3rd my backpack also had my clothes for the weekend as i was going to see my son in Bend after the class. You also got the only pair of jeans that fit because i recently lost 20#. Last year i got cancer, had two surgeries and radiation. Decided to leave my job (one i hated but stuck to for 20 years because i had kids to rear), and resume my one passion: writing. So, now i am f'd. Moving, no job, and no computer with which to write. I don't want to hear the poor/drug addicted sob story. I left home at 17 because i was tired of getting beat up by my drunk father. I went out and made a living for me and my kids without stealing other peoples stuff! So, F you. I have to believe Karma will take it from here. You are a worthless piece of sh**.