I’m what the alt right, Christian conservative Republicans call a libtard. I ascribe to a set of beliefs about the fundamental goodness of humanity in all it’s forms and equality among race, creed and color. What the new Mayor of Portland, and all the other starry-eyed liberals who recently moved to “Portlandia” don’t understand, or better yet refuse to remember is that the American West, has a deep history of unabashed racism. This history is written on every unmarked grave of every Native American Man, Women and child, murdered in the name of Manifest Destiny. It’s reflected in every previously Black owned business on Alberta St turned into a hipster coffee shop or new vegan café flooded with a sea of oblivious white faces, happily horking down gluten free biscuits and bland as fuck, vegetable protein gravy. The history of racism in this two-cow town that passes for a city can’t hide under the thin white veneer of the finely coifed bearded faces that smile a little uncomfortable around People of Color. The history of systemic racism in Oregon can’t be denied when my girlfriend and I spend time outside the liberal enclave of the bustling metropolis of Portland and regularly chuckle to ourselves when we’re the only two people of color in the restaurant, coffee shop, or convenient store, then reassure ourselves, that at least we’re both “half white.” Guess what my fellow libtards, growing up all over Oregon in places like “Lake Ego” and “Methford” I remember the Portland of the 90’s and it was no fucking dream.