Being told I'm wrong when I'm not.
Being walked over, talked over, and talked down to.
No matter how valid or logical, the answer is always, "who the fuck are you?"
Checking myself to see if I'm doing it like one of them.
Here take my money. I'll do all the late shifts and the hard stuff. You just go home, get drunk and talk about how worthless I am with all those nice friends you have. You are correct. I am indeed jealous.
They don't seem to see the people around them. Or maybe they're doing it on purpose.
Try to monitor my impact.
Patience and politeness are tools for the weak, according to the O'Doyle Rules (Sandler Principle).
Sometimes I feel sorry for the chess king. Win or lose, moving one space at a time has to be just so freaking boring.
But what do I know? I'm less than a pawn. More like the bent, shitty checker they use cause the one got lost. Guess it could be worse. Of this were monopoly, I'd be the wheel barrow because you motherfuckers keep pushing me. And you, easier to carry all that money that's about to magically appear in my life. Haha