Really. You are the biggest piece of shit. You hock loogies into your office trash. You clip your nails during business hours. You floss your teeth. You fall asleep. You walk around like you are the world's greatest. You visit other office suites when you should be working, and then run into your office to pretend like you are working as soon as your boss shows up.

But, let's take a looky loo at you shall we? You have two failed marriages. You have been charged with spousal abuse. You have at least 3 failed businesses (one of which was a "restaurant" for which you have NO experience - shockingly, it failed after only 3 months). You sexually harass women. You'll do anything to lie, cheat, and steal. Your children are just as bad as you are - parking in handicapped spaces because they are too lazy to walk - pregnant at 15 - way below average on the IQ scale.

Please do us all a favor. Quit. Run away. Kill yourself. I don't care what happens to you as long as I don't have to see you, hear you, know you are here. Just leave.