It carries a lot of stigma, political talk, half-baked I,A posts with the same trolling opinions. I'm struggling with one particular thing. I live in an apartment building on Front not far from China Town and the Transitions Project. In the last year or two, we've been overrun. The complex has installed gates, cameras, 24-7 security, but the benefits are low. The major issue is that as the break-ins and violence increased, tenants left, and desperate to keep rooms full the complex became subsidized and now we're the one stop shop for Transitions graduates to get an apartment. Sounds great right!? Issue is, most of them have the same addictive behaviors, and most of them still have friends on the streets. I'm watching people relapse in weeks. My neighbor is fucking homeless girls in exchange for letting them shower. Lipstick on the walls tells shelter seekers what apartments are safe, which are rapists, and who will be violent. I've reported my neighbor and the complex doesn't care - I presume because the city is paying 80% of his rent.