Hey! All you political category mongers! You are doing just what Trump wants you to: pull each others hair out while he sells our democracy to the highest bidder, that being Putin. Almost every member of Trump's inner circle LIED ON PAPER/UNDER OATH about their contacts with Russia. He knew about Flynn lying to the FBI, asked Comey to protect him, then fired Comey for DOING HIS JOB. He owes hundreds of millions to Russian banks and oligarchs, and backslaps with autocrats and dictators while snubbing and pissing off our biggest allies.

He could obviously clear up allegations about violating emoluments laws if he released his tax returns, but let's face it, the tax returns themselves would probably get him impeached if not jailed. And in addition to being overtly racist with his words (or silence in many cases), his endorsements and appointments of the most extreme white nationalists we know - as well as his all out war on nonwhites - is having far reaching and devastating consequences across the nation and across the world.

So have fun arguing over which political identity is the coolest. Scream til you're hoarse about how horrible the last administration was. Bash each other's heads in for all I care. Call yourself a centrist-neo liberal- alt right- nihilistic Nazi, no one gives a shit. Not one of you in these never ending conversations seems to have the slightest clue what is happening to our country behind the scenes while you all measure dicks.