Anonymous Feb 7, 2018 at 4:00 am

Chihuahua Chastisement


Not condoning this person's behavior because they sound like an asshole. The problem is that there ARE a lot of people out there with fake service dogs. I have two friends with them. I am questioning whether I want to be their friend anymore because that is obnoxious. They are spoiling it for you and others who truly need service dogs because they make the rest of us suspect whether any service dog is truly a service dog. And before someone comments that can't we just let it go and allow all service dogs, "real" or not, anywhere their owners want to take them? No! Buses, stores, restaurants, etc would be overrun with dogs. Practically everyone I know has a dog (including me). You can't have that many dogs indoors everywhere you go. But the people with the fake service dogs think they're special and it's ok. It's not.

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