Why must we view animals as commodities? Have you gotten to befriend an animal that we have come to associate as food? I have, at numerous animal sanctuaries around Oregon. They are beautiful beings; intelligent, sassy, decisive, and each different.
There is a reason we are not exposed to the realities of farm animals. What we do not see is easier to digest: no one wants to see a terrified, feces laden animal with sadness in their eyes as they are transported to slaughter; but this is the reality for 99.9 percent of meat and dairy.
We cannot humanely kill a being who doesn't want to die, simple. We can live happily and healthy on a plant-based lifestyle. We can set aside our taste preferences because we can understand that exploiting another for a few bites of food is not ethical.
Stop eating animals, it breaks my heart. They are no different than your companion animals. I dare you to volunteer at a sanctuary once, see the perseverance and forgiveness in their eyes after being rescued from slaughter, and then try to eat that animal from your local grocery store that processed it into as an object for consumption.
Out To Pasture, Wildwood, Light House, Enchanted, and Green Acres are great places to get to know animals for the individuals that they are.
Please be vegan