The Deep State Conspiracy is in full-effect. Trump went to DC. to fix things, but after the Deep State brainwashed him by tainting his cheeseburgers, he is now a zombie of the left. Our chances of Making America Great Again are diminishing by the day.

The Deep State Hillary/Obama Conspiracy is taking over the country. The Deep State Hilary/Obama FBI/DOJ/Pelosi Conspiracy is as old as time immemorial, installed by ancient lizard people of yore and is running the New World Order.

Yes, The Deep State Hilary/Obama FBI/DOJ Pelosi/Comey/Mueller Conspiracy is now in charge. We must prepare and plan, but not panic. When the new civil war rages onto the streets, know who your enemy is, know who the lizard people are, and take care of your family first and foremost.

The Deep State Hilary/Bill/Obama FBI/DOJ Pelosi/Comey/Mueller Democratic Left-Wing Conspiracy is NOW!