I just read and was shocked at the information the CDC provided regarding sexual and physical violence. I don't hear about men being raped or physical violence being committed against them because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT.

Before some of you ramble on and on about "fuck your men's rights bigotry" attitude, this is a FACT-BASED study. Don't be the left's version of a "FAKE NEWS!" whacko.

I'm not saying more women don't get raped or physically abused, we all know this to be true. But, the problem seems more widespread than I ever knew. There are literally millions of men being raped or physically abused. MILLIONS.

Yes, let's continue to talk about the real dangers women face, and let's continue to support the METOO movement. But, is there not enough room to talk about the millions of other victims dealing with the same type of violence and abuse? Just because they're male we're going to ignore their plight, pretend it doesn't exist or mock it?

Examples: "About 1 in 5 women (19.1%or an estimated 23 million women) have experienced completed or attempted rape at some point in their lives."

"Completed or attempted rape was experienced at some point in life by 1.5% of men or an estimated 1,692,000 men in the U.S. About 1 in 17 men (5.9% or an estimated 6.8 million men) were made to penetrate someone else at some point in their lives."

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/NISVS-StateReportBook.pdf