Anonymous Mar 23, 2018 at 7:05 am


"Otherwise one day, someone's gonna hose ya."

SOMEONE, you know, just not ME, because I'm just a passive-aggressive chickenshit.
I'd like to give the author props for:

a) Writing in legible, intelligible English

b) Giving us all a master class on passive-aggressiveness
There are really few things more obnoxious to complain about than smokers. Of particular note are the people who do the thing where they wave their hands frantically in front of their face to shoo shoo the smoke away (while scrunching their noses no doubt). Double bonus points when they do so on a busy street redolent with noxious vehicle fumes, or triple points on a residential street with some wood burning fireplaces going.
Has the IA poster heard of the concept of "walking around the other person"? And please let us know if you're from California, because if that's the case, we should all take up smoking outside until the gentrifying hordes flee in horror.
May I recommend a soothing vacation in Syria, you simpering, slovenly melted snowflake???
You could have just fake coughed really loudly over and over again until they roll their eyes and told you to fuck off. At least then you would have been productive.
I can hardly wait until they ban smoking in all public places
You're more than welcome to try, chump. I'll savor the flavor of that baloney sandwich in the Justice Center, because it'll taste like your fat lip.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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