Dear Lyft Driver,

Please accept my apologies for being rude to you this morning when I said, "Go get a taxi license!" Those of us who live downtown often have to deal with Uber and Lyft drivers who block roads, crosswalks, and curbs in ways that taxis never do; thus, when I saw your car in the middle of a crosswalk with the hazard lights blinking, I boorishly vented my cumulative frustrations on you, which was both discourteous and unfair (i.e. I should not have taken you to task for the behavior of your colleagues). I am very sorry for my poor behavior and, once again, please accept my apologies for being rude to you. I wish I could convey these sentiments to you directly. I hope the rest of your workday was pleasant and safe, and, once more, I am sorry for being rude to you.

Sincerely, Tim Johnson
(Also, apologies to the spirit of "I, anonymous" for identifying myself; I figure that this apology wouldn't be as meaningful if I didn't attach my name to it.)