I love to go see live music. I go to concerts to see musicians perform their craft and have a good time. Maybe have a beer or two, take a few photos, dance; it helps my anxiety and stress.
I don't go to concerts to have girls constantly flipping their hair in my face, taking selfies, and have conversations with their friends. I don't go to concerts to have tall people shove their way through the crowd to stand in front of me, even though I am already in the front row (I'm 5'2" - standing on my tiptoes doesn't help). I don't go to concerts to listen to the people in the way back get more and more trashed, thus getting louder. Even the bands notice when that happens.
Please, for the love of all that is holy, when you go to a show, focus on the show! Dance, tap your feet, listen to the music. If you go with friends, that's great. Have a great time!! But people will still believe you went even if you don't live stream the entire fucking thing on whatever social media platform you deem necessary for your existence. And if you absolutely must memorialize your experience live, don't ruin everyone else's good time trying to get that perfect hair flipping duck lip selfie. Some of us went to see some music and musicians, not you.