Okay, I get it... Your little restaurant got reviewed in, like, Over 40 Portland Transplant Weekly, and you folks are getting some business. Also, I'm sure you figure the six months you spent in culinary school learning how to read a recipe and put basil artfully on food entitles you to a certain distinction... However, having your kitchen staff address you as 'Chef' when you cook at a dipshit hipster restaurant is just bourgie and obnoxious as fuuuuuck. Please fall down some stairs. Then again, I'm amazed that the dungeon of unwashed little proggie shitheads who staff your kitchen allow that shit... You'd think they'd have some kind of equity meeting about your obviously ego deficient lordliness. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be back to selling you cost inflated bullshit so you can continue to bullshit your employees and customers. Thanks for keeping Portland pretentious, you shitsack.