For the third time in two months, I have almost lost my lunch. I keep trying to make an effort to try to be social and it's the only place in the building with a microwave and a fridge. However, It's hard to keep eating when people don't filter themselves. Describing an aversion to refried beans because they "look like diarrhea "or someone from playground duty describing. a student's vomit, or even worse, The one that made me develop an inability to finish the shredded beef tacos I was eating: the randomly shared Facebook news about the woman who baked her chihuahua because she thought it was possessed"? I'm not sure what ever happened to the social norms for for appropriate table talk. It also seems odd since we are people professionals. Our job is to work with children, who we would have a talking to if we overheard them talking about the same topics in the cafeteria. Please stop. I really don't want to literally and figuratively lose my lunch.