Kalah Allen

Mr. Tech Savvy Guy at the Southeast cafe on Saturday morning who had four or five different electronic devices: How does it feel to be so assimilated into the grid, the cloud, cyberspace, the matrix, and every other virtual, augmented reality except the real world around you? You know, the world, where hazards exist such as your tripwire cords running everywhere. So you have your laptop, smartphone, an MP3 player, and a tablet. You're not just wired on coffee; you're wired like a cyborg. Is there an app for helping people perform normal social skills such as replying when someone says "Good morning," instead of just giving us a blank stare? Were you searching for Sarah Connor on the Googlesphere? Sorry to disturb you and trying to penetrate your firewall! Oh, but when I openly criticize Windows 10, you're quick to wake up from your technologically induced vegetative state and chime in! Well, at least you made a couple good points before plugging back in.—Anonymous