I've noticed a pattern since becoming a tour guide in Portland. People over 40 seem to understand that hanging out together all day warrants all small cash "thank you". Most of you younger folks don't make that connection. You probably tip your Uber driver for a 15 minute ride and tip your bartender for pouring a beer (as you should!), so how come you don't think to tip me for catering to your every need for 4-8 hours while answering every stupid question you can think of about Portland? "Yes, it really does rain a lot here." "No, Voodoo doughnuts is not worth waiting in line" You didn't even know there was a cool East side on the other side of the Willamette before my tour, is this knowledge not worth at least five bucks? You can even hit me up on Venmo, I know cash is for old people! Look, I just want to able to count up some money while I listen to Cardi B after I've dropped everyone off. It's the best part of my day.