I've lived in and visited some places with crazy drivers (New York, Buenos Aires), but what I saw yesterday blew my mind.

PM rush. Got off 84W at Hollywood. Line to turn left as always. Some cut in to the left turn lane from the right at the last minute. That happened, but not what this is about.

The asshole that did this yesterday was an epic art van. While at the light, I thought "cool, you don't see many of those anymore". It was, big, orange and rusty, California plates, but also with a bunch of bizarre handwritten ranting. Some about Portland. Street Roots bumper sticker. Some was in Russian? Hey, #KeepPortlandWeird

When it cut me off I noticed this van was actually loaded to the gills, with more strapped to its roof. Dude driving it looked without a care. Maybe he lives in the van.

Turn left on Halsey. Lots of cars waiting for the light in front of Hollywood Max/42nd. Orange van was six back from the red light.

Motherfucker pulls out of his lane, crosses the double yellow, into oncoming traffic! He drives past the six waiting cars, unable to see what's coming. Sails right through the red without stopping. In the wrong lane. Thank god the oncoming traffic was able to stop, and that no one was crossing on foot or bike.

I and thousands more cross that intersection on foot or bike daily. Only luck stopped this from ending badly. And if this shithead is rolling the dice so casually, it's only a matter of time before someone is killed.

And then what? Maybe we lock the guy up. If he even can be found. Lot of good that does.

Why do we tolerate such entitlement? How about we start enforcing the law?