I take out garbage and recycling for both my PT jobs. It can take as long as 8 hours per week, 3-6 times per week.
I'm disgusted. The sights and the sounds completely nauseate me. It's not merely the trash itself, but it's what you lazy airheads disregard in the trash without any conscious thought about what you just dumped in the garbage. Glass bottles, paper, cardboard boxes filled with Styrofoam, plastic bottles filled with liquid, paper bags with your half eaten sandwich, plastic containers with your salad, etc, etc, on and on.
We know about the environmental crisis. This is Portland. How fucking stupid can you be? How fucking ignorant will this human race continue to be? I am one person doing it for 2 buildings. I don't want to imagine the rest of this city and the rest of the world.
Yet all you people are so apathetic, hasty, and thoughtless when it comes to discarding garbage.
I guess it's a public place so someone else will do the work for you, right?
You want to do all this good for the environment but are willing to put nothing of what little effort there is to toss plastic bags out of the cardboard box, huh?
Or maybe reduce the 5 plastics cups you use in one day down to 1?
Maybe dump the liquid out too?
Nah, you're a lazy human where this world was made for you.
I am truly repulsed beyond belief.
I cannot save the world. Your actions are transmissible and I don't care.