Kalah Allen

You snobs at the Mt. Tabor dog park can go fuck yourselves. When we pass each other and I say hello, and you don’t respond, I hate you. I mean, WTF? Does it just take too much energy to open your lips and say hi back? Is it just too hard? Or are you just a snob and an asshole? Who the hell do you think you are? Too superior to say hello, huh? Well, don’t you worry. I will remember you. I make a mental note of every asshole who doesn’t say hello back. I’ll give you a few chances, but if you’re a regular at the park, and we’ve passed by each other many times without you reciprocating my hello, you can be sure you that you are firmly embedded on my shit list. Now you know why I never say hello to you anymore! Especially the guy with the John Lennon glasses, the lady with the headphones, and the pretty brunette. I gave you and the others many chances to say hello back, and finally gave up. You’re not worth my hello. You’re a dog park snob!—Anonymous