You people do know that when you must have "artisanal" anything, you're just showing off your class and privilege, right? This is why lines around the block for ice cream, biscuits, and burgers are always filled with white people.

Outdoor patios to sip on your specialty beer: Filled with white people.
Always wearing workout gear: White people.
Shouting at the top of their lungs about how "weird" they are: White people.
Finding the tiniest thing that offends you and claiming you're now oppressed: White people.

Now the newest, stupidest trend is people saying that they're a "dog mom/dad." Or, saying that you have "two cat children." There's even social media posts I've come across that show people holding their dog on their hip like they would a human baby. The sad, confused little look on the dog's face says it all.

What is wrong with you white people?