Portland motorist, you are lawless. You are irresponsible, distracted, and self-absorbed. You crowd the crosswalk, you block the box, and you treat red lights like a suggestion. You are always ready to decide that a red light does not apply to you, because you do not consider other people as real or their safety as important. You are going to kill someone someday, and you do not care. After a recent incident I finally called the police, only to discover their indifference and powerlessness. Therefore, I will handle you myself. Since you do not care what happens to anyone but yourself, here's the deal: I carry a rock now. It's heavy, about the size of a baseball, and perfect for hurling through the window of the next reckless piece of garbage I catch running a red light. You don't know who I am; you don't know where I'll be. All you need to do is put your phone away, keep your eyes on the road, and drive as if you and your car might, at long last, face actual consequences for your actions.