What is your deal? YOU choose to sit/stand there. Wherever it is. It could be in class, on the bus, at a show, or a concert. Then all you do is look behind you and look in the back. You have to see who might be looking at you when you chose to be in the front, where you have to know everyone could very well be looking in that direction because that is where eyesight is naturally aimed at? Looking forward! Looking ahead! Do you know how distracting you are being? Do you know how weird it is, as in weird, not "Keep Portland Weird" kind of cool, weird, but fucking weird? If you don't want to be looked at, why do you go to the front? Is it my eyes? Is it my face? Is it my hair? Is it my tits, which you can't see? Is it my vagina, and you certainly can't see that?
I remember this dude at a bar where music was happening. Music at the front. Everyone looking at the band up front. Not him. There he was, up front, but standing and looking at everyone at the back. People kept saying, what is this guy looking at.
It really takes a certain kind of person to be this way. So, I watched you, 8 times within one minute look back at me. What? What do you want? You really should just have eyes in the back of your head because at one point you completely turned your head, you must've broke your neck to look at me.