Sucking Putin's cock while destroying the Western alliance is Toddler Dump's most dangerous agenda of all. We are dangerously close to falling into an authoritarian dictatorship and some people are still whining about Hilary Clinton. The EPA is carving up the planet and firing scientific analysts and all the news can talk about is Scott Pruitt's $1500 pens. The new tariffs are poised to wreak financial ruin on farmers and manufacturers all over the country and if I complain about it on Facebook I get harassed by conservatives telling me how great the stock market is doing, since corporations kept ALL THE MONEY Trump gave them. 3000 children are being detained away from their parents in dog kennels and president Trump continues to use G13 to describe the millions of innocent people who are facing horrific conditions that are mostly to blame on our own policies of regime change, corruption, and corporate larceny. And the Trump family is violating the emoluments laws to the tune of billions of dollars but if you tell that to a Republican they'll just start talking about how Bernie Sanders has a couple of nice houses. I don't give a fuck about Republicans or Democrats, but if Congress doesn't flip this fall I am seriously considering repatriating.