Now I see a little more clearly! It's not men who are the problem, it's masculinity. Certainly the phallus wielding persuasion of humans can be great oppressors, but it's not the cock, it's the way it's fetishized. Penis = power is a really IMPOTENT argument. It's like a pyramid. Patriarchy trickles down the idea of the Mighty Phallus to all possessors of penises consciously or subconsciously, but the idea of Patriarchy means there are Patriarchs- the great kings of penisocracy, the ones who will do all for the penis, everything for the penis, all the penises in the world, all the hairy, throbbing, throbbing with power, manly, very manly penises. They will die for the penis, they will kill for it.

Just saying cause I know a lot of good guys who don't believe penises as the end all penis all.