To my friend who is upset I am being ‘unreasonable’....

You constantly insult anyone younger than you then you make a sceen whenever people comment on your young age.
You insult, denigrate and undermine your fellow women, then talk about how other women don’t like you.
You lecture people about how to behave towards other and are the only person I know who insults the guests they invited to their party.
You fight with people over text all the time but demand people call you if they are upset with you.
You party most weeknights and constantly talk about drinking, then get upset when people call you a party girl.
You openly talk about how your drinking negatively impacts your work and social life but get upset when coworkers comment on how much you drink.
You get upset whenever people try to empathize with you, seriously, what the fuck is that?
You ask people to pick the next bar then yell at them when they pick a bar you do not like.
You insult people to their faces when they like or do thinks you don’t like then you get upset when people think you are rude.

I just really don’t understand how I am supposed to be ‘reasonable’ with someone who cannot face her reality and cannot see how she treats people. I do not get how I am supposed to just tolerate someone who can constantly talk about how mature and wise they are when they do all this fucking bullshit. Then again, we’re only human.