When working with you, as managers, you were smug, stupid and moronic. But the final straw was when I witnessed a talented director get so depressed on the job trying to support his family under your abysmal and demented management, that he committed suicide, leaving his children without a father.

So I set up a whispering campaign at work. I'd send notes describing your behavior and mismanagement as the anonymous client who had witnessed these things while visiting your office. I'd send mail addressed to you at work that the secretary would see. Every free catalogue and product in the world, with attention to products that pointed out your embarrassing physical and psychological flaws.

But the icing on the cake, was when the owner shut down your entire division due to all of the infighting that escalated after all of my psychological warfare. Goodbye healthcare, goodbye salary. Goodbye chance at ever finding another position like that within 1000 miles.

PS: My partner notes that you look like one of the Golden Girls, trying to look young, when your entire diet consists of cigarettes, margaritas, and bile. You're rotten to the core.

Happy retirement.