Notice the quotation.
I'm standing in line at the self check out, and I'm next up. I see everyone. I'm good at this. I know. I'm quick. I always hate when the person in front of me isn't paying attention, and there's an opening.
So I see the guy wrapping up his transaction and packing his bags.
The guy behind me is the mediator of check out lines so he taps me on the arm and says something. I knew what he was trying to say but I didn't hear him because I was listening to tunes.
I turn to him and say, "the guy is still standing there, hang on and chill." See, I don't like it either when the next person starts crowding me when I'm packing my bags, so I like to give space. And what I wish I would've done was say, "don't touch me," then punch him in his ear. See, I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of people stepping on toes who haven't earned any toe stepping privileges.
Then we both end our transactions at the same time, and are walking out next to each. I'm staring at him, and he says, "what are you looking at." I say, "what's your rush dude." He says, "got to go to work." I already knew. I say, "oh yeah, where do you work?" He had no answer.
See, there's all these fucking people with nothing to do, but so many demands. I'm fucking sick of it. So many people with no life and no purpose and will block the shopping aisles with their scooter and virtually run into you. Fuck you.