I am so sick of white men who murder their girlfriends, wives, children, entire families.
Why doesn't this country recognize that white men are a huge threat to the health and well being, the very LIVES and EXISTENCE of women and children in this country?

That psychopath in Colorado stood and smiled and lied to the camera for the world to see (why do they always give them air time - they get off on it - the biggest hard on ever pretending they give a shit about the lives they took), talking about how the last time he saw his wife and children was when he went to work at 5AM the morning his wife was reported missing by numerous other people. Yeah, you mean when you stepped over their cold, dead, chopped up bodies, motherfucker?

Every single time there's a story about a missing woman with or without children and her boyfriend or husband is on TV bleating on about how he needs them to come home, that motherfucker is a murderer. I am sick to death of reading, day in and day out, about how some man killed his girlfriend or his wife or his children or some woman who wouldn't give him the time of day or some woman who was just doing her job or some woman walking down the street minding her own business or whatever the scenario is. Pretending that men, especially white men, are not a huge problem in this society is literally costing us the lives of countless women and children (and even other men) EVERY FUCKING DAMN DAY.