Eventually all this time goofing off is going to start looking like dedication. A long term, well calculated plan. That part of you that you can't turn off. You can't see it and you can't control it. That part that never loses. Ever.
Just wanted a quiet space to eat while I got ready for work and before I go to sleep. Wanted to make myself some food without you over my shoulder telling me how stupid and worthless I am. Sound like you're trying to help. Looks and feels like control.
All your questions have a follow up. You're not interested in what I'm doing or what I have to say. You create a situation where I am required to respond. I must stop what I am doing and give you all my attention.
You can't figure out why I move away from you when you push your way into shoulder brushing distance from the other side of the room. You don't understand why I refuse to turn my back to you. You forgot how uncomfortable it made me feel that one time you grabbed my ass. You never actually noticed I didn't like it.
You are my biggest bully masquerading as a helper I can't live without. I risk legal punishment to avoid being around you. You know that.
I won't feel guilty for trying to become a stable person. If you hurt my mental and emotional health, I can't be around you. I am already pretty messed up. You can't see how your actions effect me or the others around you.
I have to move forward. And I will.