A few weeks ago I was at one of my favorite bars for their weekly ½ off beer night. A group of guys were getting drink after drink, but refusing to tip. The servers, who were working twice as hard, decided to 86 them. The guys made a scene about how they were too broke to tip, and that’s why they were at the bar for that particular deal. The bartenders let them know, if that was the case, they should drink at home. Last night I was driving Lyft/Uber and picked up a group, 2 men and a woman. One of those men was very open with the fact that he did not plan to tip. They were “too poor”, and “that’s how the world works”. I picked them up at a time when the busses were still running and the ride itself was not too far to walk. I dropped them off, was generally pleasant, and went off for my next ride. In the passenger seat next to me, a forgotten phone started to ring. It was, of course, the guy who didn’t want to tip. He now expected me to drive back across the city and hand deliver his device. I hope that the people of Portland keep in mind that those providing services to you do it for tips. They also control what goes in to, and whether you can get, your drinks, your food, or a safe ride home. And sometimes they find your phone in their car and have to decide whether or not to return it to you or throw it out the fucking window.