But, yes, I do have a spider. Obviously, I don't "have" a spider. And It doesn't have me. It's not like I named It. In fact, in the beginning of our relationship I was a total jerk. That's not totally true. I did protect It for a few days after It molted. But, Then I was a jerk. It had picked a perfect spot in my bathroom window, built a gorgeous web, very large. And I wrecked it all the next morning. I forgot, but I acted like I didn't care. A jerk. It left. Next day another beautiful web, inside my house, so I wrecked it. I said, "Scram! Damnit!" Next Day another web. I wrecked it, but I felt a little different that time. Another web, It is here for as long as It wants. I feed It now to make up for all the webs I destroyed and to honor It's persistence.