Thank You for "Thank You For Not Breeding"! YAY!

I got a few hate replies from nutters when I wrote an I, Anonymous blurb deploring some self-righteous aging (well, really aged) hippie who doesn't allow clothes dryers in his home but who has grandchildren. Hypocrite.

But then nutters don't connect overpopulation as the driving force of pollution, loss of rainforest, hunger, drinking water shortages, high-density cities, "congestion", paving over the world, crime and hostility, city "sprawl", sewage overflow, landfill, air pollution, urban "growth", jammed highways, heavy traffic, loss of farmland, extintion of entire species, endagered other species, factory farming, immigration tensions, scarcity of resources, child abuse, and global warming.

They would rather be self-righteous, bigoted simpletons who blame it on people moving "here" from "there". "There" being their scapegoat of choice: Mexico, Asia, California.
Meanwhile every place anyone calls "here", up to and including, um , Earth, is overfrowded.

I figure I can use clothes dryers all I want and, being thoughtful, responsible and childfree, would never catch up to him adding to the world several little carbon footprints to feed. And they're breeding more little carbon footprints!

I love VHEMT's statement that "the carbon footprint of having just one child is a whopping 58.6 metric tons of “CO2-equivalent emissions” per year. The next best thing an individual could do to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to go car-free, which would spare the planet 2.4 metric tons a year."

"Limits to Growth" was written with computer projections in the 1970s. Planetwide overpopulation drives the massive planetary symptoms, while simpletons prefer one Band-Aid after another.