Dear Fellow Cyclist on Clinton Tuesday Morning,

First you decided you needed to catch up with someone who passed to comment rudely on his music. Somehow you re-entered our pack and crowded us when you passed again, only to slam on the brakes with no warning. It's great that you were watching for pedestrians. However, I don't think it's necessary to perform a NASCAR evasive maneuver for a group of peds that arrived at the intersection a split second ago. At this point I was on your left because I couldn't stop fast enough to not rear end you. Obviously it's a huge inconvenience to pass me again on your e-bike because you let me know in a snarky tone that "Fine, I guess I'll just pass you on the right then."

Not to be out done, you decided to argue with the traffic controller at 21st that was diverting traffic for construction. He was trying to explain that the TriMet bus was too large to take that turn with other vehicles on the road, so he was simply asking us to wait a few seconds to let the bus come through... You know, the bus full of other people that are also trying to get to work? Obviously you're more important, though, because you just said fuck it and went anyway which caused an entire bus full of folks to wait for your self-important ass. Dick move, dude.

I hope that you were just having a bad day. Regardless, please take some time to think about your behavior and how it affects others. The sense of self-entitlement you displayed was obvious to everyone around you. You're doing everyone on the road a disservice by being an asshole and you're making the rest of us cyclists look bad. Please stop.