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jesus, CR calls for killing people and the Mercury prints her letter. Just crazy ... and so wrong.


Does the Mercury have a policy - like the social media companies - of banning users who advocate violence? Apparently not. CR should not be advocating for people to be 'put down' and the Mercury should not be publishing it.


Honestly sounds like they both have a sense of entitlement. Yes, it does affect people to have the crosswalk blocked. It means you have to walk through traffic where drivers are not expecting pedestrians to be.

People need to stop calling the cops on every little thing, but they can find a better place to stop.


CR is far from perfect, in the last comments thread did'nt even know what WinCo is.


A crosswalk is a bad place to park to unload a car. Just sayin.


I love how the commenters offended by my comment (which has been deleted) are the same people who tell me in their comments aimed directly at me personally that I am mentally ill, that I should kill myself, etc. etc. etc. and in some cases threaten me with violence against me and tell me explicitly what needs to be done to me because of who I am and what I believe and how I choose to express myself in this forum. Yeah that guy that TiltedAcres likes to whine about me getting banned had some particularly nasty, violent, and scary things to say to me.

Please, your hypocrisy and bullying and bullshit is truly incredible. Not going to stop me from commenting. I mean if you're too sensitive to express your own opinion without personally attacking other commenters, why are you here?


Oh to reiterate. Who made white women the police of the black and brown bodies of the world?

Every day there is a story about a white woman calling the cops on black and brown people for existing. And why do the cops respond and do nothing to the white women for wasting their time, making false reports, harassing people who are simply living their lives and moving through what these white women obviously believe is space reserved solely for them? I have had enough. I have had it with the white people calling cops on black and brown people for existing. I have had it with the white people telling other people Trump will deport them, English is the language of America (it isn't), that they have no right to exist or breathe or walk down the street or go into their own homes, or seek assistance if they are having a crisis, or have a BBQ in a public park, or shop in a store, or do door to door canvassing, etc. etc etc.

I am tired of cops murdering black children, women, and men on a daily basis and white people screaming "all lives matter."

I am tired of the white supremacist in squatting in the WH, pretending to be the president, holding klan rallies, radicalizing violent white supremacists to commit mass shootings and send bombs to former presidents, former VPs and first ladies/secretaries of state, and news organizations. I am tired of white people in this country complaining about immigrant and being so stupid and hateful.

Yeah, as a white person, I am tired of all of this bullshit. I wish horrible things would happen to all of the horrible people who are doing these things. I am tired of the suffering of others at the hands of white people.

And in saying so, a bunch of white people on this forum want me to stop commenting, want me to be banned, want me to go away, because they find my being tired of all of this white supremacist hate so much more offensive than the day to day brutality and violence and harassment of all of the non-white people in this country. Thanks for proving the point better than I ever could have with any of my (allegedly) incendiary verbiage that you all find so offensive.


well CR, I've never insulted you - I don't even know you. I just don't think one should be advocating killing people on public forums. Call me old fashioned in that way.


Which is the more Offensive:

Police brutality
fucking cuss words?

Corps-owned TeeVee ignoring the misery
of tens of millions of OUR Citizens


Bailing out the Banksters
and telling millions of underwater Homeowners to fuck off.


@12 true (you have not). And yet whatever comment I have made here on an IA forum that hardly anyone reads, pales in comparison to the very pointed comments made by the thing that calls itself the president of the United States. His calling for harming and killing people in public forums has resulted in the ACTUAL HARMING AND KILLING OF PEOPLE. My wishing white people would suffer because of the harm caused by others, has not and never will. But please, continue to be outraged by a disabled white woman dying of ALS sitting in her chair expressing her opinions that have no effect other than to enrage the other, what, 10-20 people who comment on this forum. It's TOTALLY going to change the world.


*harm done to others (not caused by others)


Social justice warrior (SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual who promotes socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, and multiculturalism, as well as identity politics.


@18 I am not playing a card. I have mentioned this before. I stated it to make the point that believing anything I write here is going to incite violence is BEYOND ABURD. And you, TiltedAcres, love me, are on my ass CONSTANTLY, can't comment on anything without coming after me. Yes I am disabled and dying and all the while the president is radicalizing white supremacists to go out and murder people. But me and my written word are SO dangerous that I must be constantly harassed and disparaged and made fun of and called out by the likes of you and everyone else here who act like my comments are a personal affront to them. All you do is personally attack me. Do you not have a life? Yeah I am sick of it and you should go. Bye Felicia.


This comments section is getting out of hand. I'm calling the cops.


FERFUCKSAKE everybody calm down! Don't you all realize this is exactly what the people destroying our democracy want us to do? CR stop projecting about police violence on every single post you see here! WE KNOW IT'S A MAJOR PROBLEM BUT WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE MUDDYING THE WATERS.


FERFUCKSAKE everybody calm down! Don't you all realize this is exactly what the people destroying our democracy want us to do? CR stop projecting about police violence on every single post you see here! WE KNOW IT'S A MAJOR PROBLEM BUT WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE MUDDYING THE WATERS.


Please shut the fk up!!!


You may want to ok admit it but you're actually getting crushed so can we all just get along?

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