Why are you so angry at women?
I don’t deserve your rudeness. It is not necessary or kind to write such a mean note. I don’t need to trace parallels with what is going on politically in this country, but what I need to remind you, Sir, is that you are a human being and have your anger issues just like me and my students and my union and my partner and my immigrant parents…
Guess what? Good for you for being angry! This country is polluted and poor and the guy who closes the business, the last guy (Mr.Wig-man) is trying to get a penny from anyone, any corporation, any cheap bro’ lawyer, anyone.
Good you are angry so take it on the issues not on your neighbors. Donate your time, passion and cash to Literary Arts, to the Portland Art Museum, to Multnomah County Libraries, to the NW Film Center, to Outside In, to the students at the Department of World Languages at PSU and adjuncts at PSUFA. Donate to parks, firefighters, the zoo, the gardens and any other cause that you see fit. This people could use some strong ideas and you need to get that anger out, which I completely understand, I’m angry too. But, damn, don’t be mean.