Quit acting like you did something amazing by "rescuing" or "adopting" a stupid dog or cat. Youโ€™re not going to like this, but having pet is not an achievement, itโ€™s a form of animal enslavement. Driving to some shelter and then "adopting" an animal is no more of an achievement than eating a bowl of chili and ripping a gnarly fart later. Shame on you for bringing more fucking NON-NATIVE animals into my neighborhood and thus decimating the native wildlife at an even faster rate, you irresponsible, self-centered, egotistical water-head. I realize that when your pet does something truly disgusting like MURDERING native wildlife, you have to tell yourself that, โ€œThe rewards outweigh the cost,โ€ but we both know thatโ€™s a load of shit that you tell yourself to stave off the thoughts of how your little "snookums" is a cold-blooded killer. By your account, all pet-less adults are wasting our lives by seeing this world, spending our time in dive bars while drinking away our sorrows. I doubt that is the case for most of us. Non-native pets are generally pieces of shit until they are kept indoors for their entire lives, thereby not inflicting death upon native wildlife. Also, there are already 5-6 billion native birds MURDERED every year by fucking cats. Those Instagram posts of you being a "dog mom," or "cat mom" are all you have in your pathetic little lives. So by all means, please continue to release more death for the native wildlife of the world, and more cold-blooded killers in the form of smelly, noisy, shit-producing, flea-infested dogs and cats.