Humans Suck.
Humans are filled with hate, hypocrisy , prejudice, stereotyping and racism, although love wins, eh?
Humans are mean, judgmental, unfriendly, and not nice, although Portland is super cool, eh?
Humans can talk, comment, and post like all in this blog with all that hate and judgment, and that is community.
Humans have devolved. How can some humans create the newest technology, then walk by every homeless person shitting their pants, and sleeping on the sidewalk? How can that same human be a millionaire and the next walk aimlessly and hopelessly everywhere they go?
Humans are the worst species on the planet.
Humans are the dumbest object inanimate or not.
Every human grows into a bitter, cynical, negative, adult human, then combine that with entitlement.

I guess this an achievement though.