Since we have been giving a reprieve from the Local v. Transplant war and are being updated with battles in the great Breeder v. Academics Locating Cohabitational Oregonian Homes Of Lascivious Intensity and Coolness debate, I thought I would go through the archive and find the first transplant counter-attack from 1898.

After the creation of the Communal Commonwealth of Cascadian Provinces, we will look back at the Portland Commune that started it all based upon the works and deeds of James Connolly. Among the other things he wrote was a snarky letter that included criticism about him being a transplant in Ireland:

"Not that I believe it makes much difference where a man was born.

"The one thing certain about it is that no sensible man can take a pride in being born an Irishman. What had he to do with it that he should be proud?

"He did not carefully sketch out beforehand the location in which he desired to be born, and then instruct his mother accordingly. Whether he was born in Ireland or in Zululand, in the Coombe or in Whitechapel, he most certainly was not consulted about the matter. Why then, this pride?

"The location of your birthplace was a mere accident – as much beyond your control as the fact I was born so beautiful was beyond mine. Hem.

"And you don’t see me putting on airs."

Please continue your fist-shaking now.